About Fuda /
Wang DawuChairman
Social position

- Member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee of Zhejiang Province

- Vice Chairman, Electrical Alloys Branch, China Electrical
Equipment Industry Association

- Vice President of Zhejiang Electrical Industry Association

- Wenzhou Economic Development Zone Chamber of
Commerce/Industrial Federation/Entrepreneur Association President

- Vice President of Wenzhou Enterprise Confederation/Entrepreneur
Association/Industrial Economic Association

- Standing Committee Member of the 12th Regular Meeting of
Wenzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce

Major honor

- The 16th Zhejiang Excellent Entrepreneur

- Wenzhou Excellent Entrepreneur

- Wenzhou City Model Workers

- 2013 Wenzhou Excellent Entrepreneur

- The 4th Technology New Zhejiang Merchants

- "2011 Wenzhou Ai Cai Entrepreneur"

- "The third session of Wenzhou's outstanding socialist
builder with Chinese characteristics"

- "2009 Wenzhou Excellent Entrepreneur"

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