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New Year’s condolences to Fuda, deputy mayor Wang Chi visited the warm heart
Company News   /   2018-02-22 17:13:00

On February 22nd, at the beginning of the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, Wenzhou deputy mayor Wang Chi and his entourage came to Fuda to carry out the “New Year's Eve, and promote the opening of the door” activities. Chairman Wang Dawu and general manager Lin Wanhuan and his party received the deputy mayor of Wang Chi and his party.

At the symposium, everyone laughed loudly, blessed the voices, and gathered together to celebrate the New Year. Wang Dawu reported to the Vice Mayor of Wang Chi on the development history, operation and development plan of the company in 2018. After listening to Wang Dawu's report, Wang Chi encouraged enterprises to actively use their own advantages, increase innovation, and strive to achieve "opening the door", "all year red", and sent a new year of condolences. He encouraged companies to improve quality and efficiency and create new achievements. At the same time, he praised the personal work passion of Chairman Wang Dawu.

“What are the main customers of Fuda at home and abroad, and what improvements have been made to the work of our government departments...” For the development of the company, and the “maximum run” service suggestions and opinions for the various functional departments of the Economic Development Zone, Wang Chi The deputy mayor conducted a detailed understanding.

Wang Dawu said that in the nine years since Fuda moved into the Economic Development Zone, the company has shown a steady development trend, which is inseparable from the encouragement and assistance of the Wenzhou Municipal Government and the leaders of the Economic Development Zone. At the same time, Fuda gained a sense of well-being, happiness and security. In the new year, you will continue to pick up your sleeves and cheer.

One year's plan lies in the spring. On the day before the start of the business, the deputy mayor of Wang Chi’s New Year’s condolences gave Fuda Mozambique great encouragement. Wang Dawu, chairman of the board of directors, expressed deep gratitude. He said that in the new year and the new year, Fuda will continue to take the road of “1m wide and 100m deep professionalization and quality” as it is. . Make the company bigger and stronger, and contribute to the development of Wenzhou's economy.

The leaders of the survey also included Xia Yupai, deputy secretary-general of the Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, Bao Xiaotong, vice chairman of the CPPCC, and the head of the relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce.